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Why A Vampire?

Vampires are born with naturally heightened abilities that are excellent for practicing what many call "grey" or dark magick. Of course, not all vampires come with training, which is why we are above and beyond the average vampire.

Warning: Advanced magick can be extremely dangerous if used by those who are untrained. You can negatively affect your karma, your physical health - your entire life. However, you can entrust your darkest wishes to us, free of all negative side effects.

Media has often given vampires a bad name, but some of the stereotypes are true - and now they can be used to your advantage. Mesmerising and mind control, seduction, divination, remote viewing, protection, blood magick, and more can all be worked for you.

What is a Real Vampire?

Real vampires do not reside in the same body for centuries. They do not explode into flames when they walk in the sun, nor do they experience burns if they touch a cross or holy water. They also don't sleep in coffins - unless they enjoy that sort of thing.

Anyone who claims to be just like a fictional
vampire in a movie or book is lying.

However, as is the case with all myths, there is some truth in it. Vampires are often sensitive to sunlight, and some vampires do feed on blood - but they don't drain their "victims" dry. In fact, many vampires feed purely on psychic energy (a.k.a. chi, ka, or prana), especially the living energy found in humans. Don't worry - we are ethical vampires and only feed on those who are willing or in defense.

Though vampires are not physically immortal, their vampirism is eternally linked to the soul or spirit. Most vampires have ancient souls and have worked magick in previous lifetimes. Our vampires have been working with and honing their intense magickal abilities for countless lifetimes, and they continue to do so today.

This is how we contribute to the balance of the Universe. We walk between life and death, the spirit world and the physical, the dark and the light - manipulating and transforming energies with heightened abilities. This is our gift, and we want to share it with you!

  • Reunite with your love. Even if others have failed and your situation seems completely hopeless. Couples are often overcome by outside influences and emotional blocks. Let us create a harmonious, magickal environment for you to rekindle your romance and heal.

  • Want revenge without any consequences? Our vampires can reverse the nastiest negative energies back at your enemies, bringing justice to those who truly deserve it.

  • We permanently remove any curse, evil eye or psychic attack safely and effectively, utilizing lifetimes of experience with vampire magick and defensive arts.

  • Looking for more romance and passion in your love life? We specialize in all forms of love magick, and we can help you seduce anyone – including someone you're already with. Never underestimate the dark, seductive power of a highly adept vampire.

  • Receive a dead accurate Psychic Vampire Tarot Reading to exactly identify your unique situation, reveal hidden truths, and discover the best path for you.

Our Mission:

  • To perform adept magick.
  • To provide advanced spiritual guidance.
  • To create life changing opportunities.
  • To assist you on your path.

If you are serious about these services,
feel free to contact us with any questions.

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