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How to Become a Real Vampire

Usually a person is born a vampire.
Occasionally a person becomes one.

Many people assume that vampires are blood sucking villains from movies or books. This is entirely false. While some people do choose to take in energy through blood, many take in energy "spiritually" or "psychically". This energy is known as prana, ka, and chi.

If you are familiar with energy work, you already know that all people and things in this world interact and exchange energy. A spiritual or psychic vampire does this consciously with more power and skill.

The most intense transformation occurs on the spiritual plane. By connecting to your essence and your astral body, direct alterations can be made to induce a state of spiritual vampirism.

These services are not to be taken lightly. This operation can alter you on a fundamental level, opening up powerful abilities, but also requiring you to take in far more life force than the average person. Being able to balance this intake of energy is key.

The abilities you discover depend upon your goal in seeking these services and the nature of your psychic and spiritual practice.

Vampiric Energies are Used for...

  • Attraction. Natural powers of seduction, mesmerising, and passion are enhanced and projected.
  • Feeding. The ability to psychically and astrally drain other people of their life force and manipulate energies for spiritual practice.
  • Psychism. Heightened extrasensory perception and intuition that can give you information about people, places, and situations the average person is completely unaware of.
  • Protection. Warding and banishing of unwanted entities, harmful energies, enemies, and more.
  • Magick. Enhance your abilities on the astral, physical, and spiritual planes. Vampirism strengthens all kinds of magickal practices, allowing you to draw on powerful energies for divination, spells, rituals, and more.

Imagine being linked to
the ancient mysteries of the moon,
the wisdom of the stars, and the
power of pure life energy...

How Do You Become a Vampire?

This is the most commonly asked question we get - and for good reason. There are many vampire myths and legends, all with very different results.

We work primarily with spiritual vampirism. Certain people are born (and reborn) as vampires, while others are made vampires.

  • Some are pseudo-vampiric due to temporary or permanent trauma to the energy body (demanding an increase of energy intake to be well).

  • Others work in combination with a spirit or entity that has the vampiric abilities they desire. This is very dangerous if you don't know what you're doing.

  • And still others learn how to manipulate life energy as well as their own energy bodies in order to live as spiritual vampires.

Vampire Magick services are designed to connect you with vampiric energies through powerful talismans and spells, alter your energy body with vampiric rituals, or attach a vampiric entity for a specific purpose.

These are all intense processes - some more than others.

  • Vampire Talismans are charged for a minimum of two weeks and "programmed" according to its purpose.
  • Vampire Rituals and Spells are performed for you for a desired purpose. Energy is raised, focused, and released over the course of a Moon cycle (roughly a month). For more powerful work, this can be extended to months.
  • Attachment of a Vampiric Entity or Spirit is the most complex operation. It requires at least three months of work to ensure the correct spirit is called upon and safely attached. You must know what you are seeking to accomplish with this entity beforehand, as this determines how the attachment is performed.

As with all spiritual energies and entities, you must be respectful of their power and the gifts they provide you. This is not about making vampiric energies your slave to achieve purely selfish or greedy desires. This is powerful, dark magick for those who are serious about vampirism.

How are Services Performed?

Since these changes occur on a non-physical or astral level, work can be done at any distance with the aid of a name, date of birth, and full body photograph to make the connection. For more intense work, we may request hair or nail clippings for a stronger link.

Rest assured that an adept practitioner will be performing these services. If we perform an attachment or transformation for you, we will provide you with any additional support or information you may need during and after the work.

WARNING: It is strongly suggested that you have some experience in basic meditation and energy work so that you may more easily assimilate these powerful energies. We are also careful to make certain that those who receive our services are at least 18 years of age and are of sound mind – such experiences should only be received by those who are able to handle them.

Let the forbidden and hidden be yours...

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