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How to Become a Real Vampire

Become a Vampire

Do you want to
become a vampire...
or do you just want
a taste?

Whatever your desire, we can fulfill it!

Be sure you want it,
because there's
no turning back...

Usually, a person is either born
with vampiric abilities or not.

Now, you can choose to possess these abilities.

Our highly skilled vampires can alter your very essence, turning you into a real vampire. Know that we are dead serious, and that these gifts are not to be taken lightly. This operation will alter you on a fundamental level, granting you powerful abilities, but also requiring you to take in far more life force than the average person in order to function. We vampires often call this need for energy the Hunger, and it is not to be ignored.

Whether you want to become a vampire
or possess forbidden vampiric gifts
we deliver your darkest desire...

  • Attraction. Natural powers of seduction, mesmerising, and passion that give you an unfair advantage over your intended prey.

  • Feeding. The ability to psychically and astrally drain other people of their life force and manipulate the energies of the Universe to your will.

  • Psychic Powers. Heightened extrasensory perception that can give you information about people, places, and situations the average person is completely unaware of.

  • Magick. Enhance your abilities on the astral, physical, and spiritual planes! Vampirism strengthens all kinds of magickal practices, allowing you to easily draw on powerful energies for divination, spells, rituals, and more.

  • Imagine becoming a being linked to
    the ancient mysteries of the moon,
    the wisdom of the stars, and the
    power of pure life energy...

    How Do You Become a Vampire?

    This is the most commonly asked question we get - and for good reason! The lure and glamour of the vampire is strong, and we cannot deny our curiosity when it comes to the occult. If you crave any of the abilities listed above, then you've come to the right place.

    Our vampires can endow you with the gift of vampirism
    temporarily or permanently - and always
    customized to your wishes!

    How is this possible? Some people are born vampires and others are made vampires. We can't divulge all of our darkest secrets, but we can tell you that as adept vampires we have the ability to connect you with vampiric energies and abilities with powerful talismans.

    It doesn't involve messy biting or blood mingling (and please be wary of those who make such claims), but it does require powerful magick and our vampiric gifts. This can involve anything from calling on vampiric energies to bringing forth a vampiric demon that is connected to you.

    Since this occurs on a non-physical or astral level, it can be done at any distance with the simple aid of a name and photograph to make the connection. Tying these energies to physical talismans adds another layer of power, as we also link the talisman directly to your energies in the process of charging it.

    Rest assured that an adept practitioner will be performing this complex operation. If we choose to do it, we will provide you with any additional support or information you may need during and after the work.

    Note: It is strongly suggested that you have some experience in basic meditation and energy work so that you may more easily assimilate these powerful changes. We are also careful to make certain that those who receive our services are at least 18 years of age and are of sound mind – such mysteries can only be imparted to those who are able to handle them.

    Harness vampiric powers with
    Vampire Talismans

    Each talisman is charged with our very own ancient vampiric energies. Simply wear the Vampire Talisman whenever you wish to access these forbidden, vampiric powers. It's never been safer or easier to gain the spiritual powers of a vampire.

    Let the forbidden and hidden be yours...

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