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Psychic Vampire Divination

Let us guide you through the darkness....


Three Question Reading$80

  • Submit your three questions and receive real answers. We read exclusively from our Vampire Tarot deck and send you the written results.

    Be prepared to uncover the truth.

Diagnostic Reading$150

  • Comprehensive reading using multiple forms of divination. Recommended if you have a complex situation or questions that require a deeper report.

Vampire Ability Reading$75

  • Want to know if you have vampiric tendencies or latent powers? Want to have your energy fields read? Then this is for you. The report also includes three deeply hidden factors surrounding you.

Are you wondering...

  • What path you should take?
  • If your relationship is meant to be?
  • Are you cursed or under psychic attack?
  • Do you have hidden enemies?
  • Why aren't you finding success?
  • Are you being lied to?

We strive to give you the best tarot readings possible, taking the time to answer all of your questions with detail and brutal honesty. Each reading is truly unique to every person and situation, focusing on the most successful outcome.

Let Us Reveal Secret Truths
With Comprehensive
Case Diagnostics

We offer exceptionally in-depth case diagnostics for those who are looking for powerfully detailed information and solutions. Hours and even days are put into these reports, reading the situation from every angle with multiple divinatory tools - including pendulums, runes, and astrology.

In fact, we strongly recommend that all of our clients receive an initial reading as it is crucial to the success of any magick that will be executed. Readings are the psychic "maps" which we use to identify and resolve your problems with lasting success.

With a diagnostic report you get the answers
you are looking for as well as life-changing
solutions and advice.

Vampire Tarot Reading

A tarot reading can give
you a picture of the
past, present, and future!

There's no limit to how you can
improve your life with this information!


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